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Seminole Canyon State Park
Area Attractions

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The Maker of Peace
Bill Worrell


Fate Bell Shelter

Fate Bell Shelter is best known for its pictographs, which are among the best documented and best preserved of the Pecos River style. This style, which may date between 3,000-4,000 years old, and generally considered the oldest of the types found in the Lower Pecos area.

 The Park is also centrally located to a large number of additional area attractions.

Pictographs from Fate Bell Shelter
Facilities Seminole Canyon State Park


Viewing of pictographs is by guided tour which a generally twice a day to Fate Bell with each tour lasting around 1   hours.  Tours of other pictographs in the park are scheduled during the year. 
Check current scheduled tours

 In addition to the tours in the park the Rock Foundation conducts several tours each year of additional sites.




Award winning history display that
should not be missed

 The exhibit depicts the life and time of the cliff dwellers along with early modern time.

 The Bonfire Shelter bison jump is located 18 miles west of the Park at Eagles Nest on the north side of Highway 90 or just east of Langtry home of Judge Roy Bean (the Law West of the Pecos).


Mural by Nola Davis, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, original on display at Seminole Canyon State Park

  Birding Seminole Canyon has over 130 species of Birds and is on several migration paths.

Birding Seminole Canyon



There are several hiking trails that have views of the canyon and local wildlife (Trail Map).

  • Windmill Trail, 2/3 of a mile, is the shortest with a view of the canyon and the old wooden windmill that was used to pump water from the spring.
  • Rio Grand River Trial, 6 mile round trip, is the longest.  There are several shelters for resting along the way.  The trail terminates at the intersection of the Canyon with the Rio Grand River and overlooks the Panther Cave pictographs on the opposite side of the canyon.
  • Pressa Trail, approximately 4 miles round trip, terminates at a spectacular scenic overview located where several canyons come together.
  • There is also a great scenic overview from the rim just north of the intersection of Pressa Trail and the Rio Grand River Trail, approximately 2 miles round trip. 


  Camping There are 31 paved camping sites, 23 with water and electricity and 8 with only water.  All sites were originally back-in but several have been modified to accommodate larger rigs and are pull-through.


  Sunsets Sunsets over the Mexican Sierra Madre can be very breathtaking.

Link to Seminole Canyon Sunsets



Area Attractions

Seminole Canyon is centrally located to large number additional attractions in close proximity to the Seminole Canyon Sate Park.  When you come plan to stay a few days and take in some of the local attractions.




Pecos River High Bridge Located 2 miles west of the park interest.  The view from the upper scenic overlook and the lower Amistad boat launch and picnic area are spectacular and at both you can see were the Pecos flows into the Rio Grand River with Mexico on the other side


Pecos High Bridge

Bonfire Shelter
(Bison Jump)
Located 19 miles west of the park of 1 mile east of Langtry.  Just north of Highway 90 is the location of Bonfire Shelter also called the Bison Jump.  This is the location of several bison jumps dating back over 11,000 years ago and is depicted in the painting at the Park headquarters.


Bonfire Link1

Bonfire Link 2

Bonfire Link 3

Bonfire Link 4

Eagles Nest Located on the south side of Highway 90 can also be viewed from Langtry by driving through the streets.


Judge Roy Bean



Visitor Center
Judge Roy Bean

Rock Art Foundation The goals of the Rock Art Foundation are simple: public education, research, and preservation. One of the most important sites in the Lower Pecos region, the White Shaman pictographs, was purchased by board members Gale and Connie Galloway and donated to the Foundation. Now, hundreds of people have the opportunity to experience the rock art of the Lower Pecos through a program of guided tours that provide both an aesthetic and educational opportunity to the public.


Rock Art Link

Amistad Lake

Great fishing and boating on the lake.
Other opportunities include

  • Bird watching
  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Scuba Diving
  • Camping
  • Wildlife viewing
  • Picnic on the lake

Lake Facilities

Amistad Dam The dam give a unique view up the Rio Grand River and the opportunity to be in Mexico and the United States at the same time.
Del Rio    
   Whitehead Museum A small frontier village in the middle of Del Rio, Texas.


Whitehead Link


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