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Portrait Procedure

A portrait is more than just capturing a likeness of a person's physical features. A portrait is a unique blend of ones physical appearance and inward personality captured by the artist's response to the individual.

After the initial deposit a preliminary contract is completed. This defines the basic commission and responsibility of expenses incurred prior to completing the final contract.

An initial meeting is then scheduled. This will generally be at the client's location. During this meeting several items will be accomplished:

  1. Meeting the client/subject
  2. Seeing where the portrait will hang
  3. Complete final contract
  4. First photo session
  5. Initial contract payment

Meeting and getting to know the subject prior to the photo session allows the artist to become familiar with the gestures and mannerisms of the subject. This allows the artist to capture not only the outward features of the subject but to also capture their inner personality.

If possible it is best if the location that the portrait will hang can be seen and photographed. This can affect background, color, and key of the painting. This is not required in order to do the portrait but is always preferred.

The final contract defining the commission and price are completed prior to scheduling the first photo session, generally later the same day.

The photo session generally takes two to three hours. Many photos are taken reflecting different poses and lighting conditions. Photos are used by the artist as reference material during the painting of the portrait. No single photo is used to compose the final portrait. Photos remain the property of the artist. Initial 1/3 payment is made at the completion of the photo session.

After the artist has reviewed the photos and after discussion with the client a final pose and general design of portrait are agreed to and the preliminary sketch is started. After the preliminary sketch is completed the client reviews it. After the drawing has been approved and the second 1/3 payment is made the final painting is started.  All sketches and preliminary drawings and paintings remain the property of the artist.

The final painting is usually completed within three months after it is started. Upon completion it is reviewed by the client and delivered to them upon approval. Final payment is made at this time.


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