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Painting Across Texas





Still Life

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Peggy Flanders is primarily self-taught.  Her training started in earliest childhood drawing extensively and progressing to her paintings of today.  Born and raised in western Kansas, she spent most of her childhood in the country developing a strong feeling for and love of nature.

Training came mostly from studying the works of the Old Masters, the Impressionists, as well as other favorite artists.  She studied the Old Master’s glazing technique for a year under the instruction of Don Cincone, a modern day master.  Her style can best be described as a mix between the Old Masters and the Impressionists.  Primary mediums are oils and pastels with various other mediums used at times.  Subject matter is very diverse but she is most noted for her works reflecting Native Americans and portraiture.

Style and selection of medium depends upon the feeling of what the subject dictates to her.  Works are approached on an individual basis with no set formulation only trying to adhere to the principle of fine art composition and design.

 Favorite Renoir quote “I have no rules and no methods; anyone can look at my materials or watch how I paint – he will see that I have no secrets. …..  Nowadays they want to explain everything.  But if they could explain a picture, it wouldn’t be art. …..  The work of art must seize upon you, wrap you up in itself, carry you away.”

Each subject speaks to her in its own way showing her the manner in which it should be presented.  Many times the paintings seem to paint themselves and sometimes take different turns from the original concepts.

She believes “God gives us each individual talents.  I feel mine is in art.   I hope to always be learning and striving to better my talent with each painting and also hope to never be complacent or content with the degree of skill I may have achieved – always working harder to do better.”



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