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Painting Across Texas





Still Life

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Native American Fine Art Gallery



All images on these pages are the copyrighted works of Peggy Flanders and are not to be used with out the express written consent of the artist.


Ptesan                            copyright Peggy Flanders

Legend of White Buffalo Woman
Origin of the Lakota Peace Pipe

Click on the link to the legend of White Buffalo Woman to see a larger picture of Ptesan (White Buffalo Calf).

There are many version of the legend of White Buffalo Woman because it was passed down through the ages verbally.   The account at the above link is by Black Elk as reported by Joseph Brown.  If you have additional information or other sites that would be relevant to link to please contact us at pj@peggyflanders.com .


Link to larger picture of The Spirit Is Free

The Spirit Is Free                       Copyright Peggy Flanders

The Grandfathers Portraits

Copyright Peggy Flanders

This link contains portraits of Native American ancestors.   Individual portraits can be clicked on to view a larger picture of the painting.
If you know of any relevant links please contact us at  pj@peggyflanders.com

Portraits of the People

Copyright Peggy Flanders

Portraits of the Four-Leggeds and other Animals

Copyright Peggy Flanders



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