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The Spirit is Free

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The Spirit Is Free
Oil  24"x36"


Soul is Free the Spirit Lives On was inspired by and represents some Native American's views on the circle of life. The small village stands for birth and one's life on Mother Earth. The village also portrays the strong commitment of the village to look out for the needs of all the individuals of the tribe from caring and schooling for the very young to respecting and caring for the elders. The burial scaffolding depicts the end of one's physical life upon Mother Earth. One's spirit as seen in the cloud remains bound to Mother Earth as depicted by the rays from the Spirit back down to the Earth. The Spirit lives on in the heart and soul of the living giving them inspiration and wisdom. The spirits of the ancestors we also called upon for strength in times of trouble, times of war etc. Upon death one's Soul is set free and returns to join the Great Spirit. The Soul, represented by the white eagle rising from the hand of the Spirit, is on its journey to join the Great Spirit in heaven.

Thus, the three facets of the individual are represented - the body, the spirit, and the soul.


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